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What to Do After An Unsafe Water Event

After a boil water advisory has been lifted, or a certified testing lab has declared your well safe, your job’s still not done. Follow the tips below to stay safe after an unsafe water event.

Find out if nearby areas use a combined sewer system, and where it drains. Try to completely avoid those areas for several days after it rains, but if they’re unavoidable, make sure to wash well after contact with the water. Even after your water has been declared safe, unsafe water might be hanging around in your home’s plumbing. Flush all faucets and fridge water dispensers for several minutes or until the water runs cold, and discard any ice that was made while your water was unsafe. Cities often add extra disinfectant to water to clear up any residual unsafe bacteria. If you notice a strong bleach smell coming from your tap after an unsafe water event, consider installing a carbon filter like Toxin Shield+ to remove the chlorine and its byproducts. Many appliances, including water softeners and filters, should be cleaned after an unsafe water event to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the media. Check with your owner’s guide or give your plumber a call to make sure appliances and water filters are safe to use. 

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