Water Heaters

Understanding Water Heaters

Our approach to water heater installation is different than other plumbing companies and our difference will save homeowners money. Understanding your water system will save up to $6000.00 in 18 years. Our commitment to our customers is to serve them first by information and then by service. We understand how water supply systems work and we provide our customers the information so they will make sound choices.

It is not uncommon for a water heater replacement to cost $1400.00 to $2600.00. The standard water heater warranty is 6 years. Understanding how your water system works and maintaining it as needed will extend the life of your water heater from 6- 8 years to 15-20 years. When a water heater is installed it must be understood first why it failed or the life of the replaced unit will again be 6 to 9 years which is too short for the cost of the unit. The life of a water heater should be 15 to 18 years. Other plumbing companies are more concerned about finishing a water heater installation than understanding why the old unit failed and repair the whole system and extend the life of the water heater.

Excessive water pressure is the number one destroyer of water heaters. Maintaining that pressure to a safe level will protect the water heater and assure it to a long service life. Each home using municipal water needs a pressure regulating valve, PRV, which will keep a consistent safe pressure within the home of 60-85psi.

Municipal water is stored in large elevated tanks, the volume of water in these tanks and their height provide water pressure for the community. The benefit of storing elevated water in large volume is, low cost distribution for the area the tank serves. The pressure from the storage tanks need to be reduced inside homes or fixtures and appliances within the home will be damaged. City pressure can range from 70-160 psi. A PRV will protect against excessive pressure because it will keep a consistent safe pressure in the home of 60-85psi. When a PRV fails the water heater, because it is a water tank, will fail prematurely due to excessive pressure well above 80psi.

The second item in the water distribution system is an expansion tank connected to the water heater. It will protect the water heater from thermal expansion when water is heated for showers and baths, and other hot water use. The pressure from heated water needs to be diverted from expanding the water heater, the expansion tank provides a safe location for the thermal pressured water to go until the hot water is used in the home.

A water heater is protected by a PRV and an expansion tank. Knowing how a system works and knowing what to watch for will extend the life of your water heater 3 times from 6 to 18 years. We tech homeowners to understand their homes and help them to save money. We are always available to answer questions or provide service to our customers.

A complete water heater replacement includes:

  • A New Water Heater

  • A new ball valve

  • A expansion tank

  • New dielectric unions

  • 2′ of water pipe, copper or pex-pipe

  • 6’ of insulation

  • Delivery & haul-away

  • Labor to install water heater and all of the above