Water Heater In Attic

For those of you with Attic Water Heaters

As Spring arrives and our thoughts turn to starting up the lawn mower and planting flowers, we wanted to remind you that in a couple of short months we will be having much higher temperatures.  It is during these hot months of the year that your attic water heater could have problems that might very well develop into a catastrophe.

The best way to avoid a leak, ruined drywall, flooring, or loss of property from a leak is to check the water heater at least monthly during June, July, August, and September.  Set a reminder in your smartphone, add it to your day planner or the kitchen calendar – yes it’s that important!

Go into the attic, pay it a visit, it doesn’t need to be a social call simply look at a few things to determine if the unit is ok.  First of all look at the two connections of the water lines at the top of the unit, they should be dry, look in the pan, it too should be dry and last of all tap on the expansion tank and be sure it sounds hollow, if it feels heavy or sounds full of water it needs to be replaced.

A properly operating expansion tank will do more to expand the life of a water heater than anything else.  We encourage and work for everyone to understand their water heater system.  Please call if you have any questions about what you see.