Extended 2 Year Tank Water Heater Warranty

6 Year Factory + 2 Year PSI = 8 Years @ no extra cost!!

2 Year Extended Warranty Conditions:

  • Project Services, Inc. provides you with a tank-style water heater
  • We install your water heater
  • Your water is tested by us at no charge at the time of installation
  • The unit is flushed and inspected annually by us. The first year is free and year thereafter is $55 per flush
  • The water heater can only be serviced by Project Services Inc. Other parties servicing the water heater will void the Warranty.
  • The original cost to install the water heater is only to cover the initial cost of labor & materials. The free first flush and inspection is a fulfillment of our 1-year labor Warranty.

The Warranty covers your water heater for 2 additional years after the 6-year Factory Warranty. Only the cost of a new water heater tank due to a rupture in the tank is covered.
The only obligation you have to this Warranty is to allow us to schedule to have the unit inspected & flushed each year at a cost of $55 per visit*. You may option-out at any time with no financial penalty, however you will lose the Warranty of the tank of 2 years if you do. Service of flushing unit is for a total of 7 years.
The Warranty covers only the cost of the tank and does not include the extra materials or labor to replace it. The Warranty replacement will be done by Project Services Inc. and cannot be assigned out or subcontracted out to any other party or individual. Doing so will void the Warranty.

Please click here to print and sign the Warranty