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The EASY Solution to Your Water Problems

The EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ revolutionized the water treatment industry with our salt-free, maintenance-free approach to solving hard water problems. Now, we’re pleased to announce our new line of water treatment products, designed to solve a wide range of water problems.

We invite you to discover how our innovative, efficient water treatment solutions will allow you to enjoy your water, protect your home, save you time, and save you money.

What are the benefits of EASYWater?  Read on!

Protects Your Home

Scale build-up, low pH and iron residue are threats to your home’s plumbing, fixtures, appliances, and water heater. In order to protect your investment in your home, you need a complete water treatment system that will eliminate these threats. With EasyWater, all of your water-using appliances, fixtures and water heater will be protected against damage, and will work at full capacity.

Healthier Living

The hardness minerals in your water, calcium and magnesium, are healthy, essential minerals that your body needs. The EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ eliminates most hard water problems, without removing these beneficial minerals or adding sodium to your water like a traditional salt water softener will. Adding Toxin Shield will significantly reduce chlorine and other toxins in the water that you bathe in and cook with, and Bacteria Shield will guard your family against the dangers of pathogenic contamination. As a final step, the RevitaLife Drinking Water System will deliver great-tasting, mineral enhanced drinking water – without the dangers of common drinking water contaminants such as perchlorate, fluoride and disinfection byproducts.

 Saves You Money

EasyWater products use no salt or chemicals, and require little to no maintenance. This means you no longer have to spend money every month on heavy bags of salt, and maintenance calls are few and far between. The EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ actually removes limescale from your home’s plumbing, and our Shield products protect against damaging pinhole leaks or iron build-up, so you will enjoy a full life from your plumbing system, faucets, and water-using fixtures. Water heater efficiency is increased as the EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ removes existing scale build-up, so you should notice a savings on your energy bill. The savings continue as you find yourself spending less on soaps, detergents and cleaning products. If you’re accustomed to buying bottled water, you will save hundreds of dollars a year – and get better quality water – by making the switch to the RevitaLife Drinking Water System.

Innovation & Quality

EasyWater has been a pioneer in water treatment from the very beginning. Our innovative No-Salt Conditioner™ eliminates most hard water issues without the use of salt or chemicals, and is built with dependable commercial-grade materials and technology. Both Iron Shield+ with Toxin Guard and Toxin Shield+ feature patent-pending Clean Media Technology, that harnesses the natural power of ozone to prevent bacteria growth in the system and helps extend the life of the filtration media. The RevitaLife Drinking Water System delivers healthier, better tasting water by restoring the beneficial minerals that typical reverse-osmosis systems remove. An internal non-electric pump reduces water usage, while providing an increased flow rate at the faucet. EasyWater products are built to last, with innovative features that improve the quality of water delivered to your home.

Low Maintenance

The EasyWater product line ranges from very low maintenance to no maintenance. The EasyWater® No-Salt Conditioner™ requires no maintenance at all, providing powerful protection for your home with no filters to change, no salt to add, and no settings to adjust. Our Shield+ systems feature long-life filtration media that can last up to 5 years, and the innovative technology used in the RevitaLife Drinking Water System means that the filtering membrane will last twice as long as those used in typical reverse osmosis systems. Because our products were designed with simplicity of use in mind, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re receiving full treatment for your water – without the extra time or expense of maintenance.

Protects the Environment

EasyWater products are designed to protect the environment as well as your investment in your home’s appliances. Unlike water softeners and other chemical-based water treatments, EasyWater products perform with no salt or chemicals. Water softeners dump salt into waste water, which can have an adverse affect on septic systems. In cities, this water can end up in our streams and lakes, because most water treatment facilities do not remove sodium from waste water.