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EasyWater Acid Shield

Acidic water can cause copper pipes to corrode and pinhole leaks to develop, which can lead to costly plumbing repairs and water damage to drywall and floors. The EasyWater Acid Sield uses a natural media to raise the Ph level of acidic water to a level that is safer for your home. Watch the video to learn how!

EasyWater Bacteria Shield

Dangerous bacteria, such as e-coli, and viruses can contaminate your water without warning. The EasyWater Bacteria Shield uses the natural power of ultraviolet light to disinfect your home’s water. Watch the video to learn how!

EasyWater No Salt Conditioning System

Hard water is caused by the presence of mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium, which can develop when water moves thru your home’s water system ( via pressure changes, turbulence and heat) which can cause the minerals to become “sticky”.  Find out how this is bad for your home and how an EasyWater System can resolve this common problem.

EasyWater Iron Shield Plus with Toxin Guard

Iron, maganese and tannins are the culprits behind those unslightly rust or black stains in sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers. They’ll also discolor your laundry, leave stains on your home siding, driveway and sidewalks.  How can you combat these dangerous toxins?  The EasyWater Iron Shield Plus with Toxin Guard to the rescue. Learn More in this video.

EasyWater Revitalife System

84,000 is a big number. That’s how many chemicals the EPA says could be in your drinking water.  Unfortunately most faucet, tabletop and refrigerator filter systems cannot remove the majority of these contaminates. But the EasyWater Revitalife Remineralization System uses 3 stages of filters to deliver safer, cleaner, great tasting water. Learn how in this informative video.

EasyWater Toxin Shield Plus

Many contaminates found in drinking water are just as dangerous when inhaled or absorbed thru the skin while showering as they are in your drinking water. EasyWater Toxin Shield Plus contains natural filtration media that traps chlorine, pesticides and other contaminents.  Our low-maintenance, patent-pending ozone injection system naturally cleanses your water and prevents the growth of bacteria in the filter tank.  Learn More

EasyWater Toxin Shield Cartridge

The EasyWater Toxin Shield Cartridge uses a powerful 3-stage filtration system to help protect your family against many of these invisible contaminents. Learn about these stages in this informative video.